Back behind the wheel

After a hiatus of far too long, I am back behind the wheel. It’s funny how a small commission can help you get your sticky fingers going again.

This collage is for the cover of a local cookbook. Locals have a trailer set up near the park and when there is lots of holiday traffic they serve free tea & coffee to give drivers a break. It’s a national thing in Australia, called “Driver Reviver”, entirely staffed by volunteers.

To raise funds for the local arts centre, we sold cakes and biscuits from the trailer and now a cook-book is being created with recipes from the most popular baked goods. I love the look on the little cupcakes face, so happy!

One thought on “Back behind the wheel

  1. Wish we would’ve called in now – definitely make the stop next time. I thought they were just the old Nescafe and a Kit-Kat. Looks like the Driver Reviver could be a Thriver!


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