Can I tackle a horse? My first commission

It’s the most incredible thing when a friend supports your art. There’s a big difference between saying you like someone’s work and paying money for it. I’m still kind of uncomfortable with the idea of friends giving me money for art, but I guess money between friends is always awkward. After seeing my A Dingo Ate My Baby series, a close friend said, “Make me … Continue reading Can I tackle a horse? My first commission

Love & Death for Braidwood Preschool

The local preschool is having a fundraising appeal where locals buy and decorate female torsos and then they’re auctioned at a gala night at the Albion Cafe. I was strong-armed into taking part and I really like them. Not sure who’d want them in their homes though. Death was inspired by Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead and a celebration of all … Continue reading Love & Death for Braidwood Preschool

Easter Exhibition: Giant chickens

Over Easter, the Braidwood Regional Arts Group have their annual exhibition in the National Theatre. I created these giant chickens with Kerrie Lester at the National Arts School and thought the chicken theme and the idea of renewal perfect for the Easter period. The exhibition was a lot of fun. In fact, three gallery openings were on the same night in town with a population … Continue reading Easter Exhibition: Giant chickens