Christmas card potatoes

Last Christmas, I painstakingly cut out little collage Xmas motifs and carefully stuck them down. Mini-collages like santa’s boots coming down the chimney, puddings with all the trimmings and dancing elves. This year I wanted to do something much simpler and naive, so I pulled out three potatoes, carved crude shapes, let them dry for a little while them dumped them in paint and stamped … Continue reading Christmas card potatoes

Anna Hymas’ style is lyrical and beautiful

Years ago I lived in Bloomsbury in London and shared a mad 3 storey house with all kinds of inspiring folk. There was a guy who made light installations for raves, another bloke made a massive 6 storey high treehouse just to film it being burnt to the ground and then there was Anna Hymas who was studying at St Martin’s College. Her work has … Continue reading Anna Hymas’ style is lyrical and beautiful