Alex Katz cuts it

Discovering Alex Katz collages was a real revelation for me.  I thought all his works were these unique portraits where he captured this strong disembodiment, like animated mannequins, so strange and other worldly. Then there’s these amazing collages, where he uses a wash to create backgrounds and colours and creates the most evocative images from the simplest shapes. I love the simplicity of it all … Continue reading Alex Katz cuts it

Sleepwalking into art at Castlemaine Gallery

Sometimes something happens that afterwards you can’t believe was real. Once I saw a man running naked down George Street in Sydney in morning rush hour before disappearing into trees in Hyde Park. Afterwards, I wasn’t sure whether I’d actually seen him as no-one reacted. Last weekend a similar thing happened to me in Castlemaine, a little town of about 8000 people north of Melbourne, … Continue reading Sleepwalking into art at Castlemaine Gallery