Quarantine Cutie by Cady Bogart;

Viral murals: paintings of a pandemic.

While some of the hoarding is coming down off shopfronts around Seattle, many remain shuttered. When they first went up, the streets became bleak very quickly. Back in March, the Alliance for Pioneer Square commissioned a bunch of artists to create striking artworks to fill the streets with colour and hope. My own works went up on Occidental Square. Front cover feature in Pacific NW … Continue reading Viral murals: paintings of a pandemic.

Car park booth with smashed windows

Some days are shit. That’s the shape of it.

Sometimes this heavy cloak drops over us, makes it harder to do everything. Sometimes it’s easy to pinpoint where the darkness comes from. Rejection, isolation, loneliness. Dark things outside Today, for me, it’s an accumulation of things. The boarded up windows on shopfronts in Pioneer Square. The homeless camps that are spreading out from the ferry dock, tents lining the elevated walkway. Knowing it’s getting … Continue reading Some days are shit. That’s the shape of it.

Artwork of two men and a dog on balcony by Ray Monde

An unexpected three-way.

This week I had an unexpected three-way. Summer is here, temperatures are rising and people are emerging from lock-downs around the country. Everyone is embracing their new found freedom. (Perhaps too enthusiastically, with COVID-19 infections spiking around the United States.) Lucky for me, my three way, was totally about art. At a safe distance. First, Saatchi Art hooked someone up with this piece. This work … Continue reading An unexpected three-way.

A turn to the dark side: from ashes to artwork.

Flicking through the photos on my phone, I came across a shot of the bushfires around Braidwood in December last year. It jolted me back to the bushfires that ravaged the land around our home for weeks and weeks and weeks. What was so surprising for me that it rekindled this underlying trauma which I thought I had left behind. After spending a few months … Continue reading A turn to the dark side: from ashes to artwork.