Come & experience Summer in Berlin

A lot of people were asking me to see my Summer in Berlin series in person, so I have finally curated an exhibition at the Arthouse Hotel in Pitt Street, Sydney. It’s on till October 15, so if you’re passing by, please pop in to the Ground Floor gallery and take a peek. If you don’t live in Sydney, you can see the original series at

Many of these are now in private collections in Sydney, New York & London which I am very pleased about. It’s often the case that some of my favourites are never the ones that other people like. But it does boost my confidence to know they’ve gone to good homes.

I found my 3 months in Germany really inspiring. The Germans seem to love bold primary colours in their public spaces – from Deutsche Bahn to their postal service and even streetscapes – and these lend themselves so well to collage. In fact, I was recently in Frankfurt and wanted to keep creating more for the series.


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