Secret swimming hole celebrated in summer exhibition.

Hope: Group Exhibition at Studio Altenburg, Braidwood opens 17 December.

The Bombay swimming hole on the Shoalhaven River is a favourite for Braidwood locals looking to cool off without having to slug it to the coast.

Bombay Swimming Hole, 2021, collage on canvas, 28×36, by Ray Monde

With huge granite rocks and sandy alcoves, it’s the perfect place to swim in the sunshine. It’s a place loved by locals and largely forgotten by outsiders since it was featured in the 1987 film, The Year My Voice Broke

The 2019 summer fires burnt the whole area out which partly inspired the title of the group exhibition, Hope. Local artist, Ray Monde, has created a series of works as part of the exhibition that celebrate the joys of river swimming.

Bombay Rock with Eastern Banjo, 2021, collage on canvas, 23×31 by Ray Monde

“I wanted to create works that capture the beauty of Australian summer in the country,” Ray said, “Swimming in the Shoalhaven salves the soul, you come out invigorated. Jumping off the big rocks, you plummet into the cool river, swim around and dry off lying on the warm rocks,” said Ray. “It’s such a simple pure pleasure,” he added.

There are 10 artists showcased in the exhibition including Olivia Bernardoff, Victoria Clutterbuck, Lee Crisp, Linda Dening, Cecile Galiazzo, Ian Marr, Catherine Moore, Jonathon Throsby, Andrew Townsend and Pauline Webber.

All the artists bring their interpretation of hope to the exhibition as we all look forward to what’s ahead after the fires and COVID-19.

Hope opens at Studio Altenburg on December 17.

Hope: summer exhibition at Studio Altenburg

Cecile Galiazzo

0413 943 158

104 Wallace Street Braidwood NSW 2622, Australia

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