Prawns push turkeys off the table this Christmas.

Red Fish, Blue Fish art exhibition at Purple Noon Gallery

Prawns and oysters are pushing a lot of turkeys off the Christmas table this year as Australians continue to embrace our abundant seafood for the holidays.

It’s the inspiration behind artist Ray Monde’s new exhibition, ´Red Fish, Blue Fish’, at Purple Noon Gallery.

A celebration of fish: an essential part of the Australian summer.

“My family had a bust up one year as Dad refused to go to the beach for Christmas. Half of us sweltered under the caravan awning while the rest ate prawns and ham and drank beers under a Norfolk Island pine,” Ray said.

The 25 works in the exhibition showcase some of our better known species like the Dusky Flathead and Bream as well as others like Mahi Mahi and Ocean Jackets.

Flathead, bream, whiting caught as works on paper.

“When I was making these, I loved the crazy looks on the fish faces. John Dory looks like a real misery guts with a long droopy mouth, while Luderick looks over-the-top perky,” Ray said.

“Most of us are clustered around Australia’s coastline and so we have a direct connection to the sea. In the summer, it’s all about sun, surf, sand and seafood and this exhibition embraces that in all its salty goodness,” he said.

All the fish in this exhibition are some of the best to eat because they are generally considered sustainable by Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide.

This was important to me as fish stocks around the world are plummeting, having knock-on effects not just on the species, but on other species that rely on them for food.

All these works are available through Purple Noon Gallery. Get in touch with Robyn at Purple Noon for a catalogue and to secure your favourite!

Purple Noon Gallery
Phone: +61 2 4579 6579
Instagram: @purplenoongallery
606 Terrace Rd, Freemans Reach, NSW 2756 AUSTRALIA

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