Danny Lacy and Ray Monde talk COVID art; National Works on Paper Prize

Soon after visiting the Seattle Asian Art Museum, the world shut down as it succumbed to the novel corona virus.

I found myself isolated in a strange city, needing to hunker down for an indefinite period of time.

I thought a lot about the Chinese landscapes I saw in the museum and how the figures in the landscape were tiny specs, dwarfed by what was happening around them.

As the World Shuts Down, I am Far From Home.

My artwork, As the World Shuts Down I am Far From Home, is a direct response to the global pandemic, feelings of loss, isolation and a desperate longing for my home in the country, sheltered from the horrors of the world.

In this interview with Danny Lacy, Artistic Director/Senior Curator, Morning Peninsula Regional Gallery, I talk about how it evokes my feelings of the time; people dying on the streets, the shuttered city and the light on the hill, out of reach, calling me home.

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