I’m a finalist in the Blake Prize 2020!

Collage of Dr Li Wenliang showing R0 = 3
Modern Day Martyr (Dr Li Wenliang), collage on Arches paper, Ray Monde, 2020

The Blake Prize is a religious art prize, a kind of a holy grail in art awards as it is known for really pushing the boundaries. So to be a finalist in the prize, which only comes around every two years, is just another extraordinary event in this bizarre, crazy year.

Ray Monde: a finalist in the Blake Prize 2020

Here’s the official announcement from Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre:

We are thrilled to announce 88 talented finalists for The 66th Blake Prize – one of Australia’s longest-standing and most prestigious prizes. Hailing from all over the world and across Australia, the finalists were carefully selected from a record 1,200 entries, a massive 56% increase on the 2018 submissions. An overwhelming majority of finalists came from Australia, proof that this country has an incredible pool of artistic talent. Click here for the list of finalists, which includes artists from every Australian state and territory.

The Blake Prize is a biennial event that engages local and international contemporary artists in conversations on the wider experience of spirituality, religion, and belief. The selected finalists will have their work shown at The Blake Prize exhibition, which opens on 13 February 2021. 

The winner of this prestigious prize will receive $35,000; the winner of the Blake Emerging Artist Prize will also take home a cool $6,000; the winner of the Blake Poetry Prize will be awarded $5,000 and feature in the exhibition alongside the Art Prize Exhibition of finalists; and the winner of the Blake Established Artist Residency will receive a one-month residency and a solo exhibition here at Casula Powerhouse. The winners will be announced on Saturday, 13 February at 3pm.

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