DRY YOUR TEARS; New work opens September 5 at Stur Gallery #art #collage #contemporaryart

Messy kitchen before art goes up

Last night my kitchen was a frenzied mess, I had the fire blazing as I glazed the collage and feverishly blackened the sides of the canvases to make the unframed works consistent.

I’m sure artists aren’t ever 100% happy with their work before they go up, they’re always wanting to tinker or just do that little bit. I had even created a wishbone to add to one of the works, then didn’t add it. I think last minute fussing can be a disaster. Like when you go back and chance answers on multiple choice questions and the first answer is always right!

Hanging works at Stur Gallery for Dry your Tears

It was a late one last night, but at 10.30am we were hanging at Stur Gallery and we’ve got them all up for the opening on Friday 5 Sept at 6pm. It was so lovely to have some eager faces popping in as we hung the works, talking about their own childhood experiences. I feel good, it’s good to have them up and I’m relieved I don’t have to tinker any more.

Woken by the moon Ray Leggott 2014 When Uncle Trevor came to visit Ray Leggott 2014 When I sleep Panda roams Ray Leggott 2014 Wash Day Ray Leggott 2014 Tough love Ray Leggott 2014 Peter Rabbit in Bathroom Dolly Dont Know Ray Leggott 2014

3 thoughts on “DRY YOUR TEARS; New work opens September 5 at Stur Gallery #art #collage #contemporaryart

  1. Thanks Clare, the exhibition is on throughout the Spring school holidays and finishes up on the weekend of 12 October. I’m going to get some better shots of all the works (13 in total, lucky number) and share them next week. Would love to see you!


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