Why kitchens are so inspiring (and messy)


The kitchen is a mess. There’s no question about it. I have a studio, so there’s no reason for the kitchen to look like this, but I work better in this space. The light is great, I’m close to hot buttered toast and endless cups of tea. The dog is just outside and I great great views to the fields to north and the changing weather on Gourock Mountain to the west.

My partner is away, he’s rushed to England to be by his mother’s hospital bed, so I can leave the mess and work in it. It’s been an extraordinarily productive couple of days and I have almost finished the collection for the show at Gaffa which starts on March 7. It’s exciting and nauseating. I keep looking at the works and wondering, do they need more, do they need less, are they cohesive. I’ll post progress pics in shortly. In the mean time, everywhere I go little bits of torn up paper stick to my bare feet and I pad them around the house.

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