Artwork of two men and a dog on balcony by Ray Monde

An unexpected three-way.

This week I had an unexpected three-way. Summer is here, temperatures are rising and people are emerging from lock-downs around the country. Everyone is embracing their new found freedom. (Perhaps too enthusiastically, with COVID-19 infections spiking around the United States.) Lucky for me, my three way, was totally about art. At a safe distance. First, Saatchi Art hooked someone up with this piece. This work … Continue reading An unexpected three-way.

How to buy and sell art in a time of coronavirus

Even before the world collapsed in on itself with the outbreak of COVID-19, art was selling online. Online art sales grew almost 10% last year, totalling $4.64 billion. Almost 5 billion dollars in art sales online! As we hunker down, our faces have totally turned to art online. The institutions we love, like The Met, the National Gallery and even regional galleries like Goulburn are … Continue reading How to buy and sell art in a time of coronavirus

Walking the tight-rope of an art commission

Getting a commission is an exciting prospect, being asked to create a bespoke artwork for a benefactor is exhilarating. But it’s also a strange burden. Normally, when I create artworks, it flows, it’s a representation of what in my mind, a story I’m trying to tell, a feeling I’m trying to conjure up. With a commission, it’s not so straight forward. There’s a bit of … Continue reading Walking the tight-rope of an art commission