How much Chuck can a wood Chuck cut? #closetochuck #ChuckClose

When I heard that the Chuck Close exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia was just prints I was really put off. I mean, would you go and see an exhibition of Francis Bacon prints? You’d lose that texture, the thickness of the paint. It would be silly, indeed. Stupid me. It clearly shows my lack of understanding of Chuck’s work that much of … Continue reading How much Chuck can a wood Chuck cut? #closetochuck #ChuckClose

The Good and Evil of #Collage #19BOS #MCANow

Collage is a funny thing, you’re always appropriating someone else’s work. For me, I love cutting up and reworking high-end glossy magazines. It’s a way for me to destroy my past life in advertising to create something new and refreshing. But I also think there’s a propensity to get a little lazy by slapping something together and calling it art. The Biennale of Sydney 2014 … Continue reading The Good and Evil of #Collage #19BOS #MCANow