Let’s play a game called spot the #panda @ChapmanInfo #belleartiprize

This was the first year I entered the Belle Arti Prize, it’s a great award run by Chapman & Bailey. Essentially, they send out hundreds of canvases for artists to create works and then they all come back to be hung together. There are so many different styles of works on display, so many different subjects and a crazy array of talent. It’s a true … Continue reading Let’s play a game called spot the #panda @ChapmanInfo #belleartiprize

Dry your tears: the child within us #art #collage

I started this series almost on a whim. Experiences as children sharply determine who we will be as adults. As we mature, we become better at masking those childhood emotions, we build a stronger exterior to smooth the bumpy ride, but underneath, within us all, is still the little boy or girl, never quite believing where we are and what we’re doing. Continue reading Dry your tears: the child within us #art #collage

Why all artworks titled “Untitled” should be destroyed.

A lot of artists don’t give their works a title and it really gives me the pip. Walking around galleries around the world, I’ll come across a spectacular artwork, I’ll walk up and get closer look, see who created it and what it’s called. Artist, Untitled, 1972 For me, not giving an artwork a name, is like not naming a child. A title gives an … Continue reading Why all artworks titled “Untitled” should be destroyed.

Easter Exhibition: Giant chickens

Over Easter, the Braidwood Regional Arts Group have their annual exhibition in the National Theatre. I created these giant chickens with Kerrie Lester at the National Arts School and thought the chicken theme and the idea of renewal perfect for the Easter period. The exhibition was a lot of fun. In fact, three gallery openings were on the same night in town with a population … Continue reading Easter Exhibition: Giant chickens