Fiddling while Rome burns

It’s been blazingly hot in Australia lately with temperatures pushing 40C (100F) and bushfires blazing across the countryside, decimating the landscape and taking stock and houses with it. It felt weird to be painting while fires were burning not far from me, a little bit like Nero fiddling while Rome burned, but I was on stand-by with the Rural Fire Service and have a very … Continue reading Fiddling while Rome burns

Ugly Beauty

March and April are a bit of a frenzied time, lots of arts grants have their deadlines this time of year. That takes a lot of preparation. Plus, the big hitting art prizes in Australia; the Sulman, Archibald and Wynne prizes all close this week. The Archibald alone awards $75,000. I’ve sweated out an entry for the Wynne Landscape Prize, you can check it out … Continue reading Ugly Beauty