Highway in Idaho with flat plains by Ray Monde

How to take your studio with you on the road.

When the corona virus starting locking down cities around the world, my studio became off-limits. I had to find a way to work without the studio. I throw some things in a box that slowly evolves into my travelling studio. After three months in hibernation, I drive. From Washington to Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. My travelling studio becomes my life. Here’s how to make art … Continue reading How to take your studio with you on the road.

Fiddling while Rome burns

It’s been blazingly hot in Australia lately with temperatures pushing 40C (100F) and bushfires blazing across the countryside, decimating the landscape and taking stock and houses with it. It felt weird to be painting while fires were burning not far from me, a little bit like Nero fiddling while Rome burned, but I was on stand-by with the Rural Fire Service and have a very … Continue reading Fiddling while Rome burns