Easter Exhibition: Giant chickens

Over Easter, the Braidwood Regional Arts Group have their annual exhibition in the National Theatre. I created these giant chickens with Kerrie Lester at the National Arts School and thought the chicken theme and the idea of renewal perfect for the Easter period. The exhibition was a lot of fun. In fact, three gallery openings were on the same night in town with a population … Continue reading Easter Exhibition: Giant chickens

Day 2: Mixed Media course at National Arts School

Today was criminal and frustrating. Trying and learning new techniques made me feel like I was in kindergarten again but the results turned out okay, despiteĀ  lots of swearing under my breath. Number 2 in the giant chickens. I kept going back to what I’m comfortable with – detailed collage, but it was important to try other things. You can judge for yourself. Continue reading Day 2: Mixed Media course at National Arts School