Artwork of two men and a dog on balcony by Ray Monde

An unexpected three-way.

This week I had an unexpected three-way. Summer is here, temperatures are rising and people are emerging from lock-downs around the country. Everyone is embracing their new found freedom. (Perhaps too enthusiastically, with COVID-19 infections spiking around the United States.) Lucky for me, my three way, was totally about art. At a safe distance. First, Saatchi Art hooked someone up with this piece. This work … Continue reading An unexpected three-way.

What makes a great work of art?

What makes a great work of art? How do you separate the best from the base? What makes an artwork worth $110.5 million such as a recent piece sold by the artist Basquiat? And what work is worthless? This question was brought into sharp focus at this year’s Archibald Prize when Mitch Cairns portrait of his wife took out the $100,000 prize. Other well-known artists … Continue reading What makes a great work of art?